Halbert Richard Edgar 1881-1956

FatherHalbert James (II)
MotherElizabeth Ann Rundle
Place of BirthHillston, New South Wales, Australia (map)
Place of DeathCobar, New South Wales, Australia (map)
SpouseFrieda Emelia Gerlach
Place of MarriageCobar, New South Wales, Australia (map)
First ChildEnid
Second ChildHalbert Emil
Third ChildJames M.
Fifth ChildIda Valeria
Sixth ChildRita Gwendolyn
Seventh ChildLachlan Richard
Eighth ChildWilliam

Relationship to me:- Grandfather. (Maternal)

James M. was born at Cobar in 1908.

Halbert lived his whole life in New South Wales far western areas the last being Cobar where he worked until retirement in 1958 as an accountant for The Occidental Mine.