The O’Leary Family

In The Beginning:

Discovery of this envelope, found after my mother (Frieda Wilhelmina) passed away started me thinking of how my family came to be.  Inside the envelope was a copy of my Maternal Grandfather and Grandmothers marriage certificate and an extract from my fathers birth certificate.

The only indication as to the origins of this side of my family is the vague reference to Richard and Johanna living in the vicinity of Bantry Bay in the county of Cork, Ireland.  Unfortunately Bantry Bay is one of the largest estuaries in Ireland with numerous towns and villages in close proximity and no way to identify the particular area from which they came.

Bantry Bay and the town of Bantry was known mainly for its pilchard fishing, however the surrounding countryside was mainly agricultural, particularly sheep and as future O’Leary generations gravitated to rural (usually sheep) areas in Australia I am assuming the original Richard was a farmer, probably a shepard.

The name O’Leary is derived from the original “Laoghaire” meaning “Herdsman” or “Calf Keeper”.  This link is to one of the better web sites referring to the origin of our name.

The people listed in his section are a direct line from me to my paternal great grandparents, Richard and Johanna.

The sad part here is that I only know of this one pair of great grandparents and have only followed one person to me.  There would have been three other pairs of great grandparents that I have not been able to trace yet and possibly never will due to the lack of records currently available in Ireland.  Here is potentially seven new families to trace and even more on the Edgar side of the tree.