John Edgar (II) 1778-1868

MotherJean Johnston
Date of Birth23rd March 1778
Place of BirthTroloss, Dumfriesshire, Scotland (map)
Date of Death18th. March 1868
Place of DeathMoffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland (map)
SpouseIsabella Aitcheson
Date of Marriage18th. June 1810
Place of MarriageUnknown
First ChildDavid
Second ChildWalter
Third ChildJames (II)
Forth ChildJean
Fifth ChildIsabella
Sixth ChildJohn
Seventh ChildHALBERT JAMES (I)
Eighth ChildRobert
Ninth ChildChristina
Tenth ChildArchibald
Eleventh Childand Janet (Jessie)

Relationship to me:- Great, Great, Great Grandfather. (Maternal)

Eleven children in 18 years.  Large families were the norm for this era.  Unfortunately systematic record keeping was not.  For most of this family the only information available is birth dates and as are follows:- David 1813, Walter 1815, Jean 1817, Isabella 1819, John 1821, Robert 1825, Christina 1827, Archibald 1829-1841.

The only other information I have been able to ascertain at this time is about:

Janet (Jessie) b1832.  She married George G. Miller in Sydney N.S.W. in 1855, and

James (II) who married Mary Hastie, and

Halbert James (I).

The highlighted section of the Old Parish Records following the entry Oct 20, reads: “also John son of James Edgar in Park of Dumgree omitted in proper place Kirkpatrick juxta March 23rd.(possibly 28th.) 1778″


In keeping with the erratic record keeping here we have a notation of Johns death on the Headstone and what appears to be an afterthought of his birth entry into the Old Parish Records.  Again there is a discrepancy in the noted records, essentially the age on the headstone, John would have been 89 when he passed away.