John Edgar (I) 1717-1759

Place of BirthTroloss, Dumfriesshire, Scotland (map)
Place of DeathTroloss, Dumfriesshire, Scotland (map)
First ChildJAMES

Relationship to me: Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather. (Maternal)

This John Edgar was my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather (Maternal) and I know very little about him, so:  What do you write about a relative who was born 300 years ago and of course, never knew.

For John:


John Edgar, Troloss who died,

4th July 1759; aged 59years

Also  (see James)

I have not been able to ascertain any mention of parents but thanks to a farsighted relative who erected this headstone in the Moffat Old Churchyard I do know he was born in 1717 at Troloss.  I can find no record of a wife although I have to assume he was married (though not necessarily) as he produced at least one child, a son James.  Though I could find no record of any other children I view this as an indication of the method of the keeping (or not) of records during this era.  With the exception of James, (and I attribute our lack of knowledge of his children to the same record keeping) most subsequent ancestors, both paternal and maternal managed to produce around 10 progeny per family which seems to be more in keeping with the times.

Troloss does not appear as village on any modern map and to-day is shown to be a farm producing lamb, so a safe assumption is that it was a farm in the 1700s and as most of the family seemed to follow a tradition of rural based occupations it seems likely John was connected to this farm either as an employee most likely as a shepherd or perhaps (wishful thinking) as owner.