Catherine Kingston 1842-1926

MotherJohanna Reardon
Date of Birth1842
Place of BirthCounty Cork, Ireland. (map)
Date of Death9th. June 1926
Place of DeathMansfield, Victoria, Australia (map)
SpouseRichard O'Leary
Date of MarriageAugust 1857
Place of MarriageBantry Bay, County Cork, Ireland (map)
Second ChildJohn
Third ChildRichard
Forth ChildTimothy
Fifth ChildAnne
Sixth ChildMary Ann
Seventh ChildMargaret
Eighth ChildThomas Kingston
Ninth ChildCornelius
Tenth ChildCatherine
Second SpouseDavid Desmond
Date of Marriage1877
First ChildJames
Second ChildDavid
Third ChildCornelius

Relationship to me:- Great Grandmother (paternal)

For information about the children of the first marriage see Richard O’Leary.

Once again we run into differences between available official records, unreliable recording and family memory.

I could only find Victorian birth records of the three children of the second marriage listed as,

James Joseph born 1878 (father David, mother Catherine O’Leary).

James Joseph died in 1979 (father David, mother Catherine Kingston)

David born 1880 (father David, mother Catherine Kingston). Not listed on the death certificate of either David senior or Catherine, and could find no further reference.

Cornelius born 1881 (father David, mother Catherine Kingston)

Cornelius died in 1957 (father David, Mother Catherine O’Leary)

Catherines’ death certificate lists, as well as the verified ten children of the first marriage an eleventh daughter either Helena or Hannah, both noted as dead with the surviving one most probably incorrectly named.

The certificate also lists an additional three children from the second marriage, Mary Ellen (47 years), Hannah (43 years) and William Joseph (42 Years). I could find no reference of these children in either Victorian or New South Wales birth or death records. I did however find a record of a Mary Ellen marrying a Mr. Charles Pyne in 1922 making her about 43 years old. Not impossible for the time but certainly old for a first marriage.

Davids’ death certificate lists the children as, James Joseph (39), Mary Ellen (36), Cornelius (34), Hannah? (32) and William Joseph (31). there is a record of Williams death in 1971 in Victoria. These ages correspond with the ages noted on Catherines’ death certificate so again the assumption has to be that they are correct.