Rennick H. Edgar 1884-????

FatherHalbert J. (II)
MotherElizabeth A. Rundle
Date of Birth1884
Place of BirthHillston, New South Wales, Australia (map)
SpouseKathleen O'Rourke
Date of Marriage1905
Place of MarriageRockley, New south wales, Australia (map)
First ChildMelba M.
Second ChildElizabeth M.
Third ChildRennick L.

Relationship to me:- Great Uncle.

As there is no listing for Rennick in the current public records, it is quite possible he was still living in 1981 when the records cease.

Kathleen M. (as noted in birth records) was born to parents Patrick F. and Catherine M. in 1888 at Burwood a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales.

In keeping with the standard of records at the time Mrs. Edgar is listed as Kathleen for marriage, Katherine for the birth of Melba and Catherine for the birth of Elizabeth and Rennick Jn. Katherine (as noted in death records) passed away in 1913.

All the children were born in Cobar, New South Wales.

Melba in 1906, Elizabeth in 1908 and Rennick Jn. in 1910.