Useful Information

If you have ideas of starting to research your family here are a few hints and tips from one who is attempting it.  Unless you have unlimited time on your side and you are not mentally challenged FORGET YOU EVER THOUGHT OF DOING IT.  An exercise like this is time consuming, frustrating, expensive and totally addictive!  If you are determined to carry on, be warned.

This is not a tutorial, it is some suggestions and warning about some of the pitfalls incurred by myself.

Always cross reference every entry made by the Registry of Births , Deaths and Marriages.  Particulars presented are supplied by an informant who could be anyone from a close family member (and even then the information may be suspect), a distant relative, the family doctor and even the funeral director.  The certificates I obtained nominated all these people as informants and it was surprising as to the extent of conflicting information from the death certificates of a husband and wife.

Also keep in mind historical records, until recently were all hand written with a nib pen and ink and in an era when literacy was not paramount.  Misspelt names and difficult to decipher handwriting create unique problems.  This is evident in some of the certificates displayed on various pages.  The Edgar family name of Halbert has been misinterpreted as Albert, Holbert, Malbert and Molbert on Registry records.  I have cases of first and second names being reversed and nick names being recorded as true.  I have a certificate that nominates my mother as my grandfathers wife, so be warned again.  Double check every piece of information regardless of from where it was obtained.