If you have come across this site while researching your family please be advised that it is definitely a work in progress. The research never stops!


This is an active site with a story that begins more than 300 years ago with my Maternal Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather John Edgar and 150 years ago with my Paternal Great Grandparents Richard and Johanna (Lyons) O’Leary and will be continually added to and updated as I discover more about the families listed below and hopefully as you contribute with verifiable information about your family so together we can show how our families are connected.

This is not intended to be a biographical history of the two primary families.  It is intended to be a family tree and a record of Births, Deaths, Marriages and relationships as I know them with an invitation to members of any family represented to correct and/or expand on these details.  Any brief extracts relating to their life is to assist in identifying the person.

I began this project early in 2011 with the idea of tracing my ancestors to discover who I am and where I came from.  I started out with the thought that somewhere in my past there would be a couple of grandparents, a few aunts and uncles and some cousins. I couldn’t have been more mistaken!

Of course, I have primarily followed my direct genetic family, the Edgars and O’Learys as these determined who I am.  The remainder are related through marriage and always with a direct link to the O’Leary or Edgar name from very closely related to so distant they are almost (but not quite) out of sight.  I am interested in researching these and any new families that occur and adding them to the tree, but unfortunately cannot accomplish this alone so here I am requesting your assistance in suppling any information you may have regarding the families listed below.

Any information concerning passed generations or the living  gathered by my research and not displayed here will be made available to any interested party provided you can show irrefutable proof of a relationship to any listed person or family.

Some of the particulars were obtained from family members and are as accurate as memory allows, so I acknowledge that there may be errors in some of the details noted here and assure you I have done my utmost to verify names, dates and relationships with the available records.

These are the names of all people I have discovered so far that are either directly related (the bolded) or through marriage to either an Edgar or O’Leary.  A click on the name will take you to either the oldest researched or how this name is related.

Aitchison – ArpBadamsBarnesBassan – BatemanBoothBootle BorthwickBrown – Buckton – Burgess Cafe – Carter ChamberlainColeman – CoombesCotis (Papacotis) – Cox – CraigDeasDenby – DennisDruitt – Dunn – EdgarElletson – Elliss – FlemingFullerFranz – GeevesGerlachGoodsellGrayGrayGreenwoodGuinevanHackett – Harper – HarrisHastieHaywardHodges – Holmstrom – HopeHope2 – JohnstonJordan – KavanaughKingstonLamont – LemonLivingston – LyonsMacBeattyMacLean – Macrea – McCannMcCarthyMclean – McLeanMcRaeMarriott – Matheson – Meredith MessnerMiller – MyersNowlandO’LearyOlanderO’Rourke – OrrParkerPertain – Powell –Prain – Pryor – RiggRogers – Roper – RundleRyan SaundersSheedy – ShellahornSmithSpenceStanfieldStewart SummerfieldTaplin – Thornburn TobinTownsendTsipasTurner – Upton – WarneWhybrow Wigg – Wood – Young